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Business Bulletins

The Greater Anytown Chamber of Commerce uses this page to keep you up to date on initiatives in government and the private sector of interest to business. Check back often, we will keep this page up to date.
Economic Development - Venture Capital
Lots of good news on the subject of venture capital this month! The Science and Technology Council has formed Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund that will support the start-up and growth of technology-driven Anytown companies. The Economic Development Chair is also rolling out details on the subject of venture capital, specifically a law passed in the 1998 General Assembly. Call (212) 555-4321 for more information.
Education - Assessing School Performance
The Board of Education has approved a temporary new system for evaluating our schools. The system to be used for the first two years of a new statewide test groups schools with similar test scores. The schools within a group then compete against each other. It's proven to work across the country in other systems. Call (212) 555-4321 for more information.
Health Insurance - Guaranteed Acceptance Program
There have been a couple of steps forward in the development of the Guaranteed Acceptance Program (GAP) since last month. First, the Department of Insurance has hired an actuarial firm to help them develop the information needed to establish the necessary regulations associated with the program. In addition, the department held a public meeting at the end of February to arrive at consensus on the eligibility threshold. Details to follow...
At their February meeting, the Research Commission approved an additional subcommittee. For new tax revenues. The subcommittee on tax policy issues will likely look at several important issues including utility taxes, the constitutional amendment on personal property, and the usage tax on motor vehicles. Tax incentives for the return on investments may also come up. Call (212) 555-4321 for more information or to get involved.
Electric Utility Restructuring
The debate over energy deregulation has been going on in Washington D.C. and in other states for years. In Anytown, the debate has yet to make the front page of the newspapers. To say this issue is complex is a major understatement. Our low energy costs have been one of the driving forces behind the growth in manufacturing, and manufacturing has been the driving force of the growth of our economy. No one is interested in doing anything that would jeopardize our access to reliable, low cost energy. The Chamber is publishing a new report on the subject and needs contributors. Call (212) 555-4321 for more information or to get involved.
Patent Law
Inventors beware in the course of experimenting, if you begin marketing or selling your invention, you might be jeopardizing your chances of getting a patent. In his new report, "US Patent Law: What You Need To Know" Attorney John Smith explains the important points of the patent law that you must know. He also explains important definitions within the U.S. patent law. Call (212) 555-4321 for more information.
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